Thousand Whispers

Like trees, the Laughing Rainbows of the Thrashing Dragon Dharma rise out of the fertile ground and unite it with the raging sky. These vampires are as alive as the undead can be. Bursting with life-energy, the followers of the Green Way resemble forces of nature -- too powerful to be silenced, too vivid to be real.

Moved by a life-force too potent to be caged, these Dragons thrash around like restless serpents. Their insights come through flesh-vigils and forest musing. As far as they're concerned, creation is a rainbow -- illusory, but too colorful to ignore. In its colors, they see the unity and symmetry of Heaven. The idea, as the Dragons see it, is to experience each of those colors as vividly as possible. As lovers of the Scarlet Queen, they embody her life-force; as cousins of the Ebon Dragon, they beat him into submission or perish trying.

As a rule, Laughing Rainbows are messy and vulgar, indulging themselves with wild feasts and drunken orgies -- celebrations that usually feature living "entertainment," too. Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia hide Rainbow temples so infamous that even vampires avoid them. The Thrashing Dragon path isn't evil per se, but the Way's aggressive approach to life usually includes fucking it from every conceivable angle, willingly or otherwise.

Naturally, these Kuei-jin do more than just copulate. Shunning society's restrictions, they explore life's lush infinities through martial arts and Tantrik practices. Since life assumes ten thousand forms, most Thrashing Dragons master shapeshifting arts. To run with the animals you must become one first.

Study requires suitable subjects. While the remote Bone Flower drifts across her graveyard, the Thrashing Dragon capers in the cities, forests and seas. His ferocity draws other creatures to his side, and many willingly join his dance. Charismatic as a tiger, this vampire reveres his victims even as he drains their living blood. The vessel is divine to the Rainbow path -- more divine than the Demon who consumes it. When the feast is over, he performs a thanksgiving rite. It's important to honor the keepers of Yang, even as you escort them to the other side.

The Thrashing Dragon Way is highly animistic. Looking deep into nature, each Rainbow sees the spirits beneath life's skin, and he honors them with thanks, gifts and rites. Truly skilled Dragons can move beyond the Wall and speak to the spirits in their own tongue; a younger one simply recognizes the kami and grants them respect. in his calmer moments, a Thrashing Dragon can be gentle and compassionate.

Like wood, he grows tall and strong, yet bends before snapping. He nurture life, yet feeds on it without remorse. His Way is to keep the Cycle fresh.

Training: Before their deaths, many Thrashing Dragons denied the flesh. All their repressions blow sky-high when the karmic debt comes due. Some ferociously carnal people do return to finish what they started in life, but most Laughing Rainbows learned to laugh only after they died. Tantrik postures feature prominently in Dragon rites. By coupling with a living partner, the vampire shifts her energy to his own, then refines it into potent Chi -- the life-force many once denied.

Weakness: As could be expected, Thrashing Dragons are shameless, impulsive, lusty and violent. Most go naked, or nearly so, and delight in smashing social customs. Confrontation is enlightenment to these vampires, and they go out of their way to enlighten everyone in the vicinity.

This voraciousness doesn't end with sex; the hunger takes a literal turn in the Thrashing Dragon philosophy. Greedy for Yang, these creatures often eat their prey raw (and usually alive). Although it has been said that Laughing Rainbows are cannibalistic, they stop short of eating vampires. The average Dragon would find diablerie as repulsive as eating a bloated dead cat.

Beneath the revelry, however, many Dragons hate themselves. In a way, their hunger is a denial of what they have become. By consuming life-force, they secretly hope to undo their curse; it doesn't work, but they keep trying. Needless to say, these appetites have not made the sect any friends; Buddhist vampires find the Thrashing Dragons especially repulsive and often bar Laughing Rainbows from their courts.

Affiliations: Rainbows, thunderstorms, blooming flowers, blood, yoni and lingam symbols.

Auspicious Omens and Symbols: Wood, the number 3, the color green and the east direction.


  • Attune yourself to life in all its forms.
  • Meditate upon passions; do not shut them out, but experience them, learn from them and encourage them in others.
  • Use your powers as a farmer employs his threshing tools: break the stalks, gather the rice, scatter the seeds, help them grow.
  • Help all living things thrive. When something appears to be dying, consume it and send it back to the Cycle.
  • Half-life is an abominable state. Be as alive as you can be.
  • Guide the sun up each morning. Sleep when it is risen.
  • Laugh often and help others to see the humorous shadows.
  • Protect the spirits. Without them, the life-dance stops.